The ONLY Intelligent Solution to the Health Care Crisis

“I only ate 400 bacon cheeseburgers, 20,000 french fries and drank 100 pounds of sugar this year… why am I feeling bad Doc!?!?” – Average Joe

health care crisis

“Well it can’t be your nutrition or lifestyle habits. Don’t worry, I have a few different pills I can sell you!” – Doc Holiday

The health of our nation is declining rapidly while illness and obesity are reaching epidemic proportions. These largely preventive diseases are causing a major burden on the health care system we have in place… And, we all know, it isn’t the most efficient or affordable one to begin with.

I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers or even know all the ins and outs of the health care crisis America is now facing. Still, one thing I do know is that the government is NOT the solution to the health care crisis.

“What most people don’t fully realize is that our government is a HUGE part of the problem and the cause of why so many people are getting sick in the first place.”

Explaining the intricacies of why this is so is beyond the scope of this article. However, the point that our government subsidizes the very product (corn) that is one of the major causes of the obesity epidemic should be enough to get a small glimpse into this Truth.

Additionally, with all the chemicals, pesticides, processed foods, and on and on our corporations are allowed sell to us without restriction or personal liability…

It’s no wonder that the health of America is coming undone at the seams (pun intended!) 😛

Is This A Conspiracy Theory or a Conspiracy Reality!?

health care

I’ve never been a proponent for spouting conspiracy theories or blaming the government for all of our problems.

Nevertheless, if the shoe fits and their walking and talking like a half-dead duck all jacked up on Mountain Dewthen so be it!
==>> ==>> ==>> ==>> ==>> ==>> ==>>

Maybe this isn’t so much of a “conspiracy theory” as it is a “conspiracy reality!!!

“The USDA and FDA allows these toxic foods with known carcinogens and safety concerns to pass their inspections and come to market!”

I believe this is due to what are obvious conflicting financial interests, political agendas and pressure from lobbyists of the corporations that pay for all of their expensive campaigns and elections.

Sadly, it’s these very artificial and processed foods (like high-fructose corn syrup for instance), that are some of the primary causes of obesity and diet-related disease to begin with.

Who cares that our children are developing hypertension and diabetes at shockingly younger ages… {insert extreme sarcasm} “This is ‘Merica … we’ve got to keep pizza, chocolate milk and the vending machines in our schools!” {/end extreme sarcasm}

If being part of the very cause isn’t enough, our government is also allowing the pharmaceutical industry to push through tons of unproven and experimental drugs that cause more side-effects and problems than they actually solve.

I’m not financial or marketing genius by any means, but creating a disease and selling the cure seems like a pretty solid get rich quick scheme to me.

My ultimate point is that the government is NOT the solution to the health care crisis… YOU ARE!!!

Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth

This IS America and part of the greatness is being free to choose (mostly) whatever you want… the other part is having access to information, technology and being able to educate yourself about the realities of what our government and corporations are actually doing…

They are in the business of profit, after all, and nothing sells better than cheeseburgers (except for maybe experimental pharmaceuticals.)

Q: Why else would McDonald’s, which is technically a real estate corporation, sell hamburgers?!?!?

A: Because it keeps their tenants paying the rent!

intelligent health care

Click Here to Watch a Funny Clip from Coming to America

“You wouldn’t buy a home from your nutritionist, so why on Earth would you buy your food from someone who is in the real estate business?”

Looking to the government and these corporations for practical health care solutions is like looking to McDowell’s for a sound nutritional plan. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.


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These corporations don’t give a shizzle if you live or die through the consumption of their products… as long as you keep buying until you do. Besides, they’ve already got your children hooked as replacements for when you’re gone.

So they won’t miss you very much! 🙁

This may seem like an exaggeration on my part, but it’s not too far from the Truth. The depressing reality is that a corporation’s overriding mission is to maximize growth and profits for it’s shareholder’s at the lowest possible cost.

More tragically this is interpreted to mean “at any cost”,  without much consideration for the health of the environment or their consumers.

Hopefully, we can change this in the future by instilling some moral and ethical  requirements in our capitalistic society. Until then… you’ve got to look out for your own well-being!

Don’t entrust it to be maintained by some corporate conglomerate that values profit above all else. Your health is their last concern. Take steps to safeguard your health so that you can live longer and enjoy a higher quality of living as you age.

Don’t be like most people who slave away trading their hours and health for dimes. They take it for granted and as time passes it slips further and further away until it’s gone.

One day, they wake up and would pay or do anything to have their health back. They spend their life’s’ savings on hospital bills, health insurance costs and endless drug prescriptions just to keep themselves alive… if you can call that living!

“Your health is your greatest wealth! Invest in it now and you will prosper. Ignore it and all that you have will be taken from you.”

Here’s what I propose….

Implementing the Intelligent Health Care Solution

health-careI think “We The People” should start taking responsibility for our own health care.

YOU are the only intelligent solution to the health care crisis we are now facing.

Don’t look or expect someone to save you because no one will. You can only save yourself and you can start right now.

There are three simple steps to implement the Intelligent Health Care Solution:

Step #1 – Firstly, stop eating psuedo-foods and all the other toxic and processed crap you shove down your throat on a daily basis. Limit your intake of this junk to one treat day a week. Mine is Saturday. That’s the first step in intelligent Health Care!

Step #2 The second step is to start eating, juicing, and blending tons of organic fruits and vegetables. Make superfoods your medicine and buy high quality organic ingredients. In the long run it’s still cheaper than stocking a cabinet full of prescription drugs!!!

Step #3 – The final step is to exercise for 30 minutes most days of the week. It doesn’t have to be painful and super intense, just get your blood flowing, your joints moving and lungs heaving a bit. Get out of the gym and make it fun if you have to!

“If you’re not willing to implement these three steps…. you don’t deserve health care in my opinion because you are not practicing the very fundamentals of personal and intelligent “health care.”

Let’s get real and start at the foundation…… maybe then our health care costs would be both practical and affordable for all.

Oh wait… that would involve intelligence, discipline, self-sacrifice and making uncomfortable lifestyle changes…. what was I thinking?!?!!? 🙄

Now if you really need health care… I feel for you and think you should be able to have and get it. However, let’s stop and remember that you’re responsible for your own health care 365 days a year… are you doing your part?

Well, are ya, PUNK?

Fortunately, I am very lucky to have great health care coverage.  Yet rarely, if ever, do I need to use it because of how I implement my own intelligent health care plan. I realize that I’m only 36 years old… so hopefully this trend will continue into my golden years as I keep juicing, exercising and taking responsibility for my health.

A Hedonist’s Guide to Personal Health Care

health care hedonist


Many people see everything in terms of Black and White. In other words, you’re either a “health nut” who’s overly obsessed with health and nutrition or a “junk food junkie” who will have to have their burgers and fries pried from their cold, dead hands.

This is a bunch of BS. These good people are missing all of the Shades of Grey and simple strategies that can allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

I’ve been working to develop my self-discipline and improve my diet and nutritional habits over the last decade and a half… although, when I started I was the farthest thing from a Puritan.

In fact, just the opposite!!! If you can believe it.

“Over the years my lifestyle has shifted to 90% healthy foods with a 10% leeway in the indulgences of our modern society. I might enjoy a burger and some drinks on Saturday… yet it’s not what I do every day… and it’s definitely not from a fast food restaurant… of course, this is in alignment with my own goals, dreams and values.”

smoking-and-drinkingSmoking and excessive alcohol consumption should also be included in this discussion .. and I used to be a big offender of both, including all of the junk and processed foods as well. I’m not claiming innocence here and I still partake occasionally… yet I do my best to limit it to about 10% of my lifestyle.

It’s a choice I make and I am taking full responsibility for the consequences of my actions. Plus I’m using my knowledge of nutrition to mitigate any damage.

It’s not that smoking, drinking and eating junk food is “bad” or “evil” or anything like that. And people shouldn’t be judged negatively for being obese, smoking or indulging in unhealthy habits.

These substances simply are what they are. When a human being ingests them into their body, the body has to process and eliminate them because they are a threat to the well-being of the biological system.

Healthy green juice

Are you on da Juice?

Certain substances like  fresh vegetable juice help the body to thrive and function optimally, while other substances like cigarettes and processed foods cause it to breakdown and malfunction.

This is just the reality of the situation and YOU will have to face the repercussions of what you put into your body!

Many of us are seeking pleasure in our lives and there’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s just make sure our “pursuit of pleasure” doesn’t end up causing us a lifetime of unnecessary pain and disease.

The Final Answer and ONLY solution to the Health Care Crisis we are all facing… is to take our health care into our own hands!

If each of us does our own part to unburden the health care system of these preventive diseases, which are mostly diet related anyway, I believe we can turn the fate of America around and make our health care concerns a thing of the distant past.

Word to your mother!





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