Cory, Brandon and Soma Dawg

Cory, Brandon and Soma Dawg

This website is run by TWO AWESOME DUDES ==>> ==>> Brothers actually. Our mission is to help YOU, and as many people as possible… ‘Unleash the Power of Your Ultimate Potential!’

Our purpose here is to build a tribe of ‘Awakened Warriors’ that have an instinctive drive for expansion and growth. We want to help you achieve the sincere and honest development of your life’s potential… as we strive to realize our own.

We are far from perfect and don’t dare claim to have this stuff all figured out. We’re learning as we go and seek wisdom and enlightenment from those who have walked the path before us, while sharing what we’ve learned with those still beginning their journey.

We believe this pursuit starts by learning to embrace a lifestyle that cultivates mindfulness, optimum health, and the development of a warrior’s strength and physique. And perhaps just as importantly… the desire to do some cool, epic shit with with your life!

There are no limitations, except for those we impose upon ourselves. This blog is about awakening to that realization! We have to rise above the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep us trapped within a prison of our own perception.

If we’re not growing and expanding, then we’re dying through retraction. We MUST adapt, evolve and overcome. We have to get comfortable being uncomfortable and that means challenging ourselves in new, exciting ways. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed! So if you love life, you can’t afford to waste your time on meaningless pursuits.  You have to go after what you want aggressively and make it happen NOW! Live as though tomorrow will never come… and be grateful if it does.

In order to reach the depths of our Ultimate Potential… we must take full responsibility for the development of every area of our lives… physically, mentally, spiritually, personally, socially and financially. If you don’t, greatness will always elude you.

In our eyes, this means putting forth the effort to start living consciously. It means to wake yourself up from your current state of indifference and unconsciousness. It means to rediscover the enthusiasm and passion you once had as a young child. It means to…

Unleash the Power of Your Ultimate Potential…

By Becoming an Awakened Warrior!

samurai“The Awakened Warrior is the blending of two archetypes: the WARRIOR and the SAGE (an enlightened person.) This self- actualized individual has the courage, determination and strength of the warrior, alongside the wisdom, detachment, and tranquility of the sage.”

The Path of the Awakened Warriors revolves around the exploration of three main topics:

I. Awakening to the True Nature of Reality

Most people are terrified to really examine their core beliefs about life. This is a huge mistake! We’re not here to tell you what to believe… just to stimulate your thought processes, encourage introspection and wake some peeps up. It’s crucial to develop a highly refined and accurate perception of reality.

Here are just some of the areas we intend to cover:

  • Truth, Illusion  and the Paradox of Perception
  • The Evolution of Consciousness
  • Who You are at the Deepest Level of Your Being
  • The Perennial Philosophy
  • Universal Laws and Principles
  • Basic Quantum Physics
  • Models of Reality

Although, this is where we can get a little deep and philosophical on you, we’ll do our best to keep it practical to daily life!

II. Mastering Your Body and Your Mind

We believe that Body/Mind Mastery is a key aspect to creating the life you wish to experience! In the end, there are only two things which you have ultimate control over in this physical realm… your mind and your body. That is to say your thoughts and your behavior. Since your Body/Mind is also the vehicle through which you explore and participate in this world, you must take care of it.

Here are just some of the areas we intend to cover:

  • Understanding the Body/Mind
  • Optimal Health and Nutrition
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Awakened Warrior Training
  • Strength and Conditioning Exercises
  • Martial Arts and Self-Defense
  • Achieving Mastery

For peak performance and optimal functioning, the Body/Mind must be stimulated, nourished and properly cared for.

III. Unleashing Your Ultimate Potential in Life

When it comes time to die, are you going to be ready to accept your death… without regret? Will you be fully content, knowing that you’ve lived a wonderful, fulfilling, adventure of a life… OR and you going to wish that you would have followed your dreams, expressed your truest self, and created more meaningful relationships? If you want to realize your ultimate potential in life… you must live it in each moment of each day.

Here are just some of the areas we intend to cover:

  • The Secrets of True Success
  • Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
  • Discovering Your Purpose and Potential
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Designing Your Ideal Life
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Overcoming Resistance

Each of our goals, dreams and desires has a price attached to it. In order to achieve it, you must be willing to pay that price in the form of persistent hard work and dedication.

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