17 Awakened Warrior Training Tactics — 12 Comments

  1. Found this very enlightening, I have worked hard through the years to develop an awaking of mind and body. This is very thought out and correct,the stronger and more skilled I become the path became clearer in my mind.Thank you this is great knowledge and will help others.

  2. Great and true principles. As someone who has been training for 47 years each principles rings with truth. I’ve trained as a competitive bodybuilder, power lifter and martial artist and through much trial and error have come to discover your 17 principles.

    • Experience is the best teacher, right Franky?! 😉 Thanks for the comment and glad you can confirm their veracity. Keep going strong

  3. I’m soon to be 54. My whole life has been centered around making myself physically better along with martial arts. I have lacked on some of the spiritual and mental focus. This is a great article!!

    • Thank you, Brian! 54 sounds like the perfect age to start focusing more on the spiritual and mental aspects of your martial arts training. You got this

  4. I’m 17 years old who knew my daily life was just not getting me anywhere. This post has brought me to enlightenment to know what I have to do to be better! Thank you.

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