Drop Your Pebble in the Pond of the Universe

“When you drop a pebble into a pond, ripples spread out, changing all the water in the pool. The ripples hit the shore and rebound, bumping into one another, breaking each other apart. In some small way, the pond is never the same again.” – Neal Shusterman

Drop your pebble in the pond
The other day I decided to watch Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story again for the 50th kazillionth time. It’s an awesome movie by the way, even if it’s not 100% factual towards Bruce Lee’s life. Overall, the movie is quite entertaining and you know Hollywood has to make things a little more dramatic.

For example, he didn’t hurt his back by being kicked from behind after the duel with Wong Jack Man. The actual cause of his back pain was a result from overzealous training on an exercise called Good Mornings (with a 125lb barbell on his back without a warm-up). And yeah, that exercise can jack you up if not done with picture perfect form.

One scene from the movie (which gave me the idea for this blog post by the way) was when Bruce opened his second dojo – the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Oakland, California. He took his wife, Linda there to show her the studio that was a byproduct of her and their friends encouraging him to go after his dreams and teach Gung Fu.

Dragon Bruce Lee StoryBruce said, “When I came over on the boat, I knew this was an ‘idea’ place. ldeas make this country great. Here a good idea makes a man anything he wants to be.” 

He continued, “You drop a pebble into a pond, you get ripples. Soon the ripples cross the whole pond.”

Bruce then placed a pebble into Linda’s hand and told her to drop it. When she did, he declared…

“See, it has begun.”  

We all know that Bruce Lee’s short yet inspirational life has definitely created some major ripples throughout the world since that fateful day. He has become a household name and a cultural icon!

Bruce Lee

“The Key to Immortality is First Living a Life Worth Remembering.” – Bruce Lee

Bruce went on to create his own martial art Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist), become a famous Chinese and Hollywood actor, philosopher, author, martial arts legend, and had a huge impact on race relations by sharing the beauty of his Chinese culture and heritage with the Western world.

Many, including the UFC president Dana White, even credit Bruce with being the Father of Mixed Martial Arts.

Yes, Bruce Lee was and still is a great incarnation of an Awakened Warrior. He demonstrated what it means to Unleash Your Ultimate Potential. He demonstrated by example what a life dedicated towards personal development can do for you!

Except This Article is NOT About Bruce Lee… it’s About YOU!

That’s right!!! Ultimately, this article was not written to be about Bruce Lee…. You see, my friend, my intention is that it’s really supposed to be about YOU!

The pebble in the pond story is just a metaphor about you finding and discovering your true and higher purpose in life. More importantly, it is about the impact that you’re going to make on society when you summon the courage to drop your pebble into the pond.

How far will the ripples of your life’s mission expand throughout the pond of the universe?

How many people will be inspired, touched, and changed for the better because you existed?

How will the world be different after you’ve shared your talents and gifts with us all?

ripple in space

This Universe is a Pool of Pure Potentiality

No matter where you are in your life right now, you have deeper purpose and a latent potential that only you can fulfill. It’s up to you to figure out what that is!

Our lives exist as a pool of pure potentiality in the formless realm beyond space and time.

To use a little Quantum Physics terminology; It’s your mission to collapse this wave of potential into the particle of your reality.

Your life’s ultimate potential is simply waiting to be expressed by you in the physical world.

Yet, how do you achieve this?

This journey is not so much about what you DO, rather it is about who you ARE and who you’re becoming along the way. From day to day, moment to moment… Life unfolds.

If you wish to make positive ripples in your life… then you must focus on your daily habits. What habits are helping you achieve your goals? What habits are holding you back?

Can you take full responsibility for every aspect of your life?

You will realize your destiny in each moment of your life by the way you choose to live, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. It sounds so simple, however it is not that easy…

You Must Fight and Defeat Your Inner Demons

Inner Demon

You Must Fight and Defeat Your Inner Demons

“This demon is your inner fear. It doesn’t matter how many men you defeat. If you don’t conquer your own fears… you will pass your demons on to your children… as your father passed his on to you.”
Ip Man to Bruce Lee

The greatest battle that an Awakened Warrior must face is not found in the external world, but rather in the internal world of his own conscious and subconscious mind.

It is a battle with the toughest adversary you will ever face…

Your own Shadow Self!

Your “Shadow Self” is like your doppelganger who lies hidden within the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. He is your ego, your dark side, the hidden parts of your humanity that you deny, dislike and cannot accept about yourself. He is the phantom of your fears, your insecurities, your doubts and the voice of all your destructive and self-defeating thoughts.

This inner demon is a master of illusion and deception.

When you drop your pebble into the pond of the universe it is a signal that you are starting the journey towards your higher purpose and mission in life. The path from here to there is filled with difficult terrain and obstacles that must be overcome should you complete your mission and unleash your ultimate potential in life.

Your Shadow Self will do everything it can to prevent this. It will conjure up all of your fears, doubts and insecurities and seek to use them against you. It will raise an army of inner demons that you must confront and overcome. Yet, as you walk the Path you must keep in mind that the Shadow Self’s biggest weapon is the illusion of powerful fears.

When you summon the courage, awareness and strength to face these inner demons… they will, as Thomas Jefferson said, “vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.

Unleash Your Ultimate Potential,



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Brandon Cook is the founder of Awakened Warriors.com, a website with the sole-purpose of helping one million people Unleash the Power of Their Ultimate Potential. Brandon has been studying the principles of success, philosophy, optimal nutrition and fitness training for almost two decades. Additionally, he has a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Banking and Finance. Brandon has worked for one of North Carolina's premier Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firms for over fourteen years. His main hobbies and passions include singing and playing the guitar, motorcycles, martial arts, and exploring the great outdoors.


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  1. hello, i’ve been on a path for a while and i deconstructed time a long way back, and i’ve even pulled the stone from the gate ending the cycle… i was battleing with what that meant for a while but i’ve come to accept, and just last night i had a dream about a blind old seer reading from a 3 stone boulders that “cannot be printed” (understood simply through text) and a group of 3 men that called themselves “awakened warriors” finding a man in a tomb… the place seemed like mars but we all know how vague the dream state is… hit me up bro!

    • Wow Alem! That sounds like a pretty sweet dream, my friend. The blind old seer sounds like an interesting character and I like the concept around the boulders that cannot be printed or understood through words… but of course, the “3 Awakened Warriors” are freakin’ awesome! Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting, we had another guy find our website from a dream he had. 🙂

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