Drop Your Pebble in the Pond of the Universe — 2 Comments

  1. hello, i’ve been on a path for a while and i deconstructed time a long way back, and i’ve even pulled the stone from the gate ending the cycle… i was battleing with what that meant for a while but i’ve come to accept, and just last night i had a dream about a blind old seer reading from a 3 stone boulders that “cannot be printed” (understood simply through text) and a group of 3 men that called themselves “awakened warriors” finding a man in a tomb… the place seemed like mars but we all know how vague the dream state is… hit me up bro!

    • Wow Alem! That sounds like a pretty sweet dream, my friend. The blind old seer sounds like an interesting character and I like the concept around the boulders that cannot be printed or understood through words… but of course, the “3 Awakened Warriors” are freakin’ awesome! Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting, we had another guy find our website from a dream he had. 🙂

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