Awakening to the Divine Within and Recognizing it in Others

“I looked in temples, churches & mosques. But I found the Divine within my Heart.” – Rumi

the dvine withinIn order to change the world, we must first focus on changing ourselves.

The current state of our world is just the collective reflection of everyone in it.

You can’t change or control the actions of other people… you can only change or control your own behavior.

So one should ultimately focus on that. When enough individuals make positive changes in their own lives, these changes will ripple outward to be reflected in the collective reality we all share.

A new world awaits, but it begins with YOU!

Becoming a Citizen of the World

The most fundamental change we need to make is to stop categorizing, labeling and dividing ourselves based on ideologies we were raised under or identify with. We need to make a shift to start seeing things from a divine perspective and a larger picture mentality.

Instead of seeing yourself as a republican or democrat, an American, Chinese, or Russian, a Christian, Muslim or Jew, or this or that… see yourself as a citizen of the world, just another human being floating in space!

That’s all you really are… a being floating in space!!!

divine awakenening

See things from a Divine Perspective

Anything else is just a mental construct or “meme” that has gotten downloaded into your head through a process scientists call  enculturation.

Enculturation is the gradual acquisition and absorption of the characteristics and norms of a specific culture or tribe. These memes become our beliefs, values, ideologies and personality.

They become who we are! And so we identify with them very strongly, whether they are true or not, real or illusory, creative or destructive, right or wrong.

While this process itself is not bad (simply a survival mechanism of our own evolutionary psychology) many of these negative and destructive memes can  act like mind viruses.

As Morpheus of the Matrix trilogy would say… “Like a splinter in your mind- driving you mad.”

Like a virus that takes over its host, replicates, and begins to spread; we are all infected by these memes. While some of them are necessary and beneficial, others are highly destructive and keep us from reaching our ultimate potential.

We must go beyond such mind viruses and the illusion of separation that allows us to compartmentalize, dehumanize, and kill each other over trivialities. We are all animals living on this planet, doing the best we can given our current state of consciousness.

We all arose from the same source and face the same basic struggles of survival. Have compassion for everybody and start seeing everyone as a potential friend instead of a potential enemy.

Especially, if you disagree with them and their way of life! 😉

A Divine Awakening

What I’m suggesting is NOT about denying the negative or darker sides of our humanity, or ignoring the real problems of the world. We have to accept what is rather than deny it.

Yet, m
any people are so focused on the “problems of the world” and waiting for someone to come along to save them and make things right…. that they are not addressing their own problems and issues within their own sphere of influence.

They are not taking responsibility for the only thing you can actually control — your own thoughts, words and behaviors –and the reality/experience they are creating both on a subjective level and a collective or objective level.

I’m not asking you to “pretend divinity”, nor live in some fantasy land were we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya… only to start recognizing the divine within yourself and everyone else. In other words, to recognize your Self in the other person and realize that essentially, they are merely the same flesh and blood as you are.

Look beyond the superficial layers of ego, culture, and belief structures to see the true, essential nature beneath the other person… they too are simply a human being, trying to make it in this crazy world. To realize that we all came from the same source and will return to that source in just a few short years is a divine awakening.

So what do you want to experience with your extremely limited time here?

Of course, there is value in our differences, our cultures and traditions and I’m not saying not to honor these things… I’m suggesting that we recognize them as only one way of doing things…. instead of the only way of doing things.

To not hold onto them so tightly that we blind ourselves to different ways of thinking and perceiving the world. To eliminate intolerance and the need to make others wrong (and at the extreme, feel justified in killing them) in order for us to be right.

divinity within
What Type of Universe are You Living in?

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”
– Albert Einstein

At it’s most simplistic nature, what I’m saying is to have a shift in perspective. If you are constantly looking for threats and enemies… you WILL find them. Yet, if you shift to looking for friends and opportunities… you WILL find them, instead.

Do you see the world and our universe as a friendly place, that is supporting and nurturing you… or as a hostile one, that is condemning and hindering you?

That’s a choice of perception that will ultimately color every aspect and experience of your life.

Start looking for the divine within your own heart! Once you get a glimpse of it, start learning to recognize it others; Not only within your own friends and family, yet within your perceived enemies as well.

Unleash your Ultimate Potential,


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