Give Up All of Your Excuses, Live Your Dream Now or DIE!!!

“It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?”
– Jim Carrey

live your dream

Imagine with me, if you will, that a major pandemic outbreak is rapidly and fiercely spreading throughout the entire world. It’s an airborne pathogen, that has become known as Epidemic Z. A large percentage of the global population has been infected and the virus shows no signs of being contained any time soon.

People are dropping like flies all around you and once you are infected you only have 24 hours to live! The worst part is that you are starting to show some of the symptoms and are afraid you may have contracted the virus.

In a panic, you lock yourself inside of your home and quarantine yourself from the rest of the world. As you desperately pray for a solution or cure for this deadly virus, you’re startled by the loud, shrieking beep alerting you to the radio broadcast message that is about to air.

      1. This is a Message from the Emergency Broadcast System


live your dream now

Microscopic Epidemic Z Virus

Hoping for some solution or miracle to this terrifying pandemic, you tune in closely to what is being said. Despite the constant static and message breaking up you’re able to make out what they are saying.

You learn that it is a virus that ferociously attacks the brain stem and nervous system of the organism that is inflicted and that there is nothing they can do to stop the spread of the virus. Almost everyone will eventually contract it, if they haven’t already.

However, they urge you not to lose hope as a puzzling, yet effective breakthrough cure has just been identified. Anyone can cure themselves of this life-threatening condition quickly and painlessly. Yet, they warn you that it will not necessarily be easy!

All you have to do is….

Give Up All of Your Excuses and Live Your Dream Now or Die in the Next 24 Hours!!!

Scientists are not exactly sure how this miracle cure works or why it works, but they are speculating that the Epidemic Z virus feeds off of our brain’s negativity, pessimism, despair, doubt, fear, regret and low frequency energy.

The only way to cure it is to raise your energetic frequency. Scientists have determined that the best way to do this is for everyone to choose to be happy now and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

Otherwise the virus will eat away at the nervous system, inevitably killing the host, aka, YOU!

Could you do it?

Would you do it?

Will you do it?

Why You Should Live Your Dream Now

Even though this is a hypothetical situation, I want you to pretend that it is real… VERY REAL!!! Because in a way, it is real. Now, certainly there’s no such thing as the Epidemic Z virus and you most likely won’t die in 24 hours if you don’t start living your dream life right now.

Although, maybe a part of you will!

Maybe a part of you died a long time ago…
The day you settled for less than what you truly desired for your life.

Maybe a part of you died a few years ago…
When you decided to be more “realistic” and just take that job so you could pay the bills.

Maybe a part of you died a few months ago…
That time you wished you had the courage to get up on that stage and sing your song.

Maybe a part of you died a few weeks ago…
When you had a million dollar idea but couldn’t summon the initiative to take the next step.

Maybe a part of you died a few days ago…
On Sunday, perhaps, when you realized the few “me” hours you have left are almost expired.

Maybe a part of you died a few minutes ago…
As you drew your last breath with the regret that you never got to live your dream now!

However, I don’t want that for you. I don’t want that for myself. I don’t want that for anybody. The good news is, if you’re reading this, then you’re still alive. You still have a choice…

Give Up All of Your Excuses and Live Your Dream Now or Die to What You Could Have Been!

Unleash Your Ultimate Potential,



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  1. I’m more of interested in the spiritual enlightenment. The story of the virus is really great. It really got me thinking of how much time I have been wasting.

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