The Dawn of Awakening: Lost Within the Dream — 2 Comments

  1. I must say the way I found this website is an enigma and a mystery. A few nights ago I sat up in bed from a deep sleep and spoke the words “It’s the dawn of a new Awakening!” I sat there for a moment and said this is fucking bizarre. I found the courage today to google “It’s the dawn of a new awakening” and I found your website. Weird I know. I’m a very sensitive person and have been questioning life and the world as we know it and my purpose lately. Your response to this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey Richie… man, that is probably the coolest way someone has found our website yet! Very enigmatic for sure. To me it sounds like a message/realization from your subconscious mind to WAKE UP from the dream that so many of us mistake as reality.

    You have been questioning life, the world and your purpose… now you have been led to a website and specific blog post which is exploring these very topics. You can either write this off as mere “coincidence” OR deeply consider what insights this article and website may offer you. The choice is yours… and you never know where this decision may take you.

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