Demolishing the Illusion of Separation — 21 Comments

  1. You are correct. I flowed back to the source of the Tao and became one with everything. I am now aware that I am physically walking around inside myself. Took me almost three years of daily work to get from awesome person to “here”.

    What a long strange trip its been.

    • That’s awesome Erik! I love the Tao Te Ching. My favorite verse is #33. And you are correct as well… it has been a long strange trip! 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Thanks for a great article. This has been my belief for a long time now. It’s nice to find someone who has written it so clearly.. Thanks!! I’m going to show this to my partner as I’ve been trying to explain my belief system for a while (and failing to sound sane haha)

  3. My mind is blown. I was reluctant at first but you are a great writer. Such brilliant expression. I can relate with so much and have left knowing much more than I did before reading. This is something I value. Thank you for your efforts. None of it is in vain.

  4. I have so much to speak to myself about… You write in the formation of my recent discovery of, how I only new how to describe it was with these words “the I am is the same in every person animal and plant and thing.” thus talking to another person is borderline identical to speaking to yourself… I have not only learned but practiced self love (which meant taking the risk of trusting my conscious mind in what it was telling my body to do.) it’s significant I say practice for many reasons. A few of those reasons are knowing isn’t doing and is not allowing the fruits of the functional actions to fully manifest it’s understand of the true existence domain barriers. instead only rationally conjectured projections which may end at a paradox or dilemma in which the only possible way to understand pass the paradox or dilemma is the capacity to perceive infinite combinations of interchanged geometric dimensions (or more ambiguously contexts) to discern the resolution that paradoxes do not exist, but their scent calls forth the experience of consciousness via the universal trait consciousness seems to express itself of filling that which lacks and creating lack concurrently to be filled perpetually / eternally. Looking at the ‘old lady young woman’ image is very reminiscent of the choice of how you want to perceive the universe, but once the smoke and mirrors are lifted the eventual resolve is concisely see that the two are one in the same… Yin yang, less effectively, do to such higher level of abstraction, is another image tried to incapsulate a visual duality intended to promote the emergence of conscious experience in motion.

    I have some much to write, I’ll probably have to email or write a blog with my discovered insight which resonate with such keen familiar echoes in the blog post above. Please email me back, it feels amazing to find this and to be so similar to what I have discovered through the process of exploring many academic and theological domain’s of study as in the mentality of a pragmatist whom keeps the mantra ‘where is the use of this information’ or ‘how might the scriptures be real given the context in which they were written (knowing from a plank of mathematical range and domain studies that what is limited in a domain, namely our universe, contains only that which is a possibility of the domain, biblical scriptures adheres to our domain and thus what is spoken about in part is only possible because of what this domain allows to be generated. I would love to finish but I have to get some sleep. I’ll email more if you email me back 🙂

  5. Thank you for this!!!! I already believe in this but many of my friends/family are doubtful and you worded it way better than I ever could, sending this to all of the skeptics!

    • That’s awesome Julia!!! People are right to be skeptical, yet one must also keep an open mind to learning new things. As science plainly tells us we are all energy and living in a field of electromagnetism. From there it’s not too much of a stretch to realize that the entire universe is a giant field of pure conscious energy in which all of life is interconnected. Thanks for sharing the post. 🙂

  6. Brandon,

    Because of your passion for the subject, may I share from a Whole Human blog post, ‘Dispel the Illusion with a Greeting!”

    Dispelling the illusion is about effectively dis-empowering the spell of the ‘illusion of separation’ by thinking, feeling and acting upon four words which can also be used as a greeting.

    While ‘the illusion of separation’ is a commonly heard term, do we know what it is ‘really’ hiding? In this case, ‘the illusion of separation’ has been hiding the actuality that ‘we are one being.’ O.B. is my familiar term for the One Being.

    The great illusion is not referring just to our living separated (in our minds) from our source and each other. The illusion has distanced our human awareness from knowing the one true self and identity of every human and that ‘we’ have never been separated. Revealing the actuality veiled by the illusion of separation, that O.B. is the True Self of all that is, answers a big question for every person, ‘who am I really?’

    It also can answer, ‘why am I here?’ for every person who accepts that everything exists to be the vehicle of O.B.’s expression. For me, that translates to knowing my deepest purpose is to unfold the unique center of awareness designed by my original blueprint, to be O.B. in the Gary expression. The fullness of unfolding is to consciously be the defined human and the undefined totality in the same moment.

    ‘We are one being’ means much more than being inter-connected. It means more than ‘we are one people’ or ‘we are one family,’ or ‘the brotherhood of Man.’ The illusion of separation which has kept us from knowing we are one being has prevented us from knowing who we really are and what we are capable of manifesting as human beings.

    May you prosper.


  7. Hi, I was researching the illusion of separation after having a strong insight during meditation. Wanted to say this helped me to understand my own insight of what we align to or our understanding of the God Source is actually what we manifest. Hence the idea, if you believe in a God or Devil that is what you will manifest. So here’s the question, what if the conciousness reaches a point the point of creating its own God Source within the hologram? Does it change the hologram? Or would it destroy or merge with the original? I know it’s probably a low end question for individuals like yourself, but I was curious about your thoughts.

  8. Hey Marie, no that only happens in the movies! lol 😉

    More seriously, I’m not really sure that it’s possible to answer that question with my limited understanding or that I fully understand the question. However, I will say, that at that point, you’re probably looking at a dissolution of form and a return to pure consciousness, union with God, or source energy.. as in death.

    Either that or a new virtual reality within a virtual reality.

    Perhaps, a multiverse theory, where there are many different and parallel universes or dimensions that exist like cells within a larger body.

    Who really knows? However, as I’m working to become more pragmatic with these philosophical insights myself… how (and in what ways) can you apply this to your daily life?

    For example, if you now realize that separation is an illusion and the truth is oneness and interconnectedness of all beings.. how might that understanding change your behavior, habits, and way of interacting with the world in your day-to-day reality?

    Thanks for your intriguing comment and I hope my answer helped deepen your perspective!

  9. If “we” are not just material beings, what is your explanation of Alien Hand Syndrome(AHS)? In the case of people s whose brains have been cut in half, occasionally one half of the body will oppose the other half. For example, while the right hand reaches for a cigarette the left will throw it away. Or one side of the body will unbutton a shirt while the other buttons it up. AHS only occurs in split brain patients and even among them it is rare but doesnt it show that when the material brain has been split the “immaterial” consciousness has been “split” also?
    Article on AHS

    • That’s an interesting question you brought up. By no means am I a neuroscientist or brain expert, however this AHS condition seems to help point to wholeness and oneness from my perspective. It depends on your point of view. The brain is a powerful organ that works holistically to govern all of the functions of the human body and its trillions of cells. These cells are all in communication with one another so that the bodily systems run efficiently and harmoniously to keep you alive.

      From an objective point of view, the brain gives rise to consciousness. Yet from a subjective point of view, consciousness gave rise to the brain. In other words, if the substratum of the universe is a field of conscious intelligence in which the human brain evolved, one could argue that the brain is a type of receptor or conduit to that field. Of course, this hasn’t been proven by science yet.. possibly because we don’t have the technology to detect a field of consciousness. We don’t even fully understand what consciousness is at this point, yet with the new brain scanning technology neuroscientists are making more and more discoveries in brain science every day.

      It makes sense that as mammalian brains became more complex and developed a bigger neocortex, we simultaneously developed the higher brain functions that humans now enjoy. Yet, is it the brain that gave rise to those higher functions, or did the bigger brain simply allow more access to the field of intelligence that governs the entire Universe? IE. the source energy or collective consciousness. These things we do not know for certain. If the brain is an evolving tool (receptor/conduit/receiver) of consciousness that works holistically to govern every aspect of the human biological organism, then severing the two hemispheres of the brain could have some dire consequences. Even damaging effects on the awareness and consciousness of that individual. Yet since the brain and body are highly adaptable to their environment… the organism will do what it can to survive.

      The two hemispheres evolved to work together. If you sever that connection, then the brain is no longer functioning holistically. One side of the brain could now become the dominant side that’s connected to the person’s sense of self, identity, and conscious awareness. While the other side of the brain is trying to adapt to a unique survival situation. Certain processes controlled by the subconscious mind of the brain, or severed hemisphere, could be stimulating and driving its odd behaviors; while the dominant hemisphere that’s still connected to the person’s consciousness is no longer aware that it’s performing these behaviors. It gives rise to the illusion that something “alien” is taking over that side of their body. In reality, the person may be actually doing it, and yet they don’t realize that they are doing it. Due to the surgical procedure, the two hemispheres are now operating somewhat independently in this rare AHS condition.

      We are fragile beings. When we are damaged in some serious way, then consciousness can no longer exist or flow through that form as originally intended. That’s my take anyways. 🙂

  10. The concept of ONENESS is proven from two different perspectives i.e from the perspective of the TORAH( BIBLE) and the perspective of QUANTUM PHYSICS. From the Biblical perspective,God created everything with “spoken words” and spoken word is energy (i.e.CONSCIOUSNESS). Recalled that before God started creation, He said that”let there be light” and from the light(pure photons) everything else emanated.Scientists have all agreed that every matter is a condensed light as opined in the ENERGY-MATTER EQUATION OF energy=mc^2. The. Bible is a coded psychological manual whose purpose is to transform us into AWAKEN WARRIORS( Romans12:1-2). QUANTUM PHYSICS STATES THAT EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ATOMS AND EVERY ATOM IS 99.9999999999% empty space which implies that at SUB-ATOMIC LEVELS everything is energy. IF EVERYTHING IS ENERGY AT SUB-ATOMIC LEVELS THEN ONENESS WHICH IS ANOTHER TERM FOR CONSCIOUSNESS IS ESTABLISHED.The purpose of illusory separation is to enable us exists in the PHYSICAL WORLD WHICH IS A CONTINUUM

  11. In my limited understanding I can only go back to the “Bright Pearl Story.” Actually it may be a poem by a zen teacher. In either case the reoccurring theme is “everything is the bright pearl, I am the bright pearl, you are the bright pearl, a dog is the bright pearl, a sunny day is the bright pearl, an earthquake is the bright pearl, and so on.” This seems nutty but the idea behind this , I think, is that this universal consciousness, or consciousness field as you put it, is referred to in The Bright Pearl as a positive one thing even when it is seen as a negative likely because it steps beyond separation. So not a positive or a negative but maybe even the combination of both but something beautiful if seen the right way. This might answer some of the questions above, maybe. If the right and left brains are separated and a person now acts in conflict with him or herself because of this damage to the brain there is no lessening of being part of every thing. It may just be another way that consciousness has decided to experience itself. If everything is one consciousness there would likely never be a lessening of that one thing. There may be awareness of it and lack of awareness. I’m not in any way an expert just someone who loves thinking about zen concepts . They are extremely beautiful. Thanks for the thoughts above I enjoyed them all.

  12. Please excuse my quotes around my bad recounting of how I understood The Bright Pearl. It’s easily google searched and way better than my simplistic explanation. Definitely not a quote although I typed it that way.

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