Is it Worth Installing a Gas Water Heater Yourself? — 9 Comments

  1. great article, thanks for your story! my water heater is leaking and beyond repair, and leaning towards installing new one myself. I have good experience and general knowledge (electrical engineer degree, decades of taking everything apart haha!) but it definitely helps the confidence knowing other people like me can install the water heater on their own.

    thanks again for taking the time to post your story. nice bikes!

    • Hey Glenn! Sorry to hear about the leaking water heater my man. You can do it… just do your research and due diligence first. One thing that tripped us up was the venting system, so make sure you know what type of venting system your house is set up for. Youtube was a great help as well. Glad our story was of some value to you. Let us know how it all works out for ya.

  2. Thanks for the article. I was thinking the same thing until I found out my local hardware charges $175 for installation.
    After reading the time it took you and the trips to the hardware store I will let them install it for us

  3. So my husband has decided to put the new gas water heater in by himself – I think its stupid. He says “Its so easy, just one gas pipe to attach and two water pipes and its so much cheaper” well when I think of it, what happens if all of a sudden there is a leak in the gas pipe? Everything could work great at the beginning and after a few days anything could start leaking (like gas) and you could die in the night while you sleep. I am would rather pay the price for a professional to install this thing. Its one thing to install water pipes and maybe have water flood your basement, but playing with gas is dangerous if you have no experience. I will rather pay the high price to make sure my family is save in our house.

    • Yes, it was a little challenging, but not overly complicated. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that explain how to do it. Also how to test whether you have a gas leak or not after you’ve installed the gas line. One method is to simply brush soapy water over the pipe connection. If you see any bubbles… you know you have a gas leak. I also purchased a carbon monoxide tester that I’ve put in my house to make sure the exhaust was probably routed to the outside. I can understand your concern that it is done correctly, you may want to discuss that with your husband. It has been almost a year now and mine is working fine, yet after all… I am a Super Genius. Lol 😉

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