72 Superfoods That Will Make YOU Superhuman! — 11 Comments

  1. I have to note that Rice actually contains arsenic and should be avoided if you value your brain 🙂 There’s ways to cook organic rice to reduce arsenic – by soaking overnight and then rinsing with hot water in the morning. Other questionable foods from your list are shrimp(contains pollutants) miso (contains soy which inhibits testosterone) kale(arsenic) and Brussel sprouts (arsenic). This is why Paleo diet advocates against grains because most of them contain inorganic poisons from the soil. I would instead replace Rice with Chia Seeds which is a great source of protein and vitamins and it’s a true super food!

    • Hey Angel, thanks for the informative comment. I see this is an increasing concern due to pesticide use, pollution, and contamination. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Apparently, lots of foods contain arsenic as it is naturally found in the soil. There’s both organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic and it’s the inorganic arsenic that is the one to watch out for. To quote the article I linked below: “A huge percentage of the world’s population relies on rice as a main food source, and millions of people may be at risk of developing arsenic-related health problems. That being said, if you eat rice in moderation as a part of a varied diet, you should be totally fine. However, if rice happens to be a large part of your diet, make sure that it was grown in a non-polluted area.” Please see the article below for more information

  2. I use instant rice..i have lost 80 lbs utilizing these foods..Love it. If a person sticks to these foods in serving sizes,every part of you will feel powerful overall. Fantastic List..add serving sizes,Then its perrrrfect..

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